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Unite Against the War on Women

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You may have all seen the various posts and pictures advertising 4.28.12. There are rallies being held around the country, urging men and women alike to unite against the war on women.

The fact that we still must hold such rallies is appalling, but not surprising, to me. Women are about half of the population, yet there are still inequalities and blatant attacks on women’s rights each and every day. This presidential race alone has set women’s rights back forty years. (Let’s celebrate small victories, though. Bye, Santorum.) provides an aggregation of rallies and marches by state here!

UniteWomen’s creed for these events are as follows: strongly supports diversity and welcomes men and women of all ages without regard to their race, color, creed, political affiliation, disability, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, education or income level, marital status, employment status, or immigrant status. Everyone is invited to join, plan, and rally as we unite to demand that every person be granted equal opportunities, equal rights, and equal representation.

The idea of equality is not exactly a simple concept, and apparently, is damn near impossible to widely put into effect. Though I reside in a country that touts “liberty and justice for all,” not all of us see true, unadulterated equality.

These rallies are not only to represent the yearning for social and economic fairness for women, it represents the need to feel equal to your peers, which is a RIGHT, not a privilege.

By uniting in the War Against Women, I am uniting against racism, prejudices, and everything in between.


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