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After the Reddit Rant I posted the other day, I decided that it was time that I finally posted my Before & After post. (It didn’t hurt that I was still annoyed that someone beat me to the idea.) Anyway, here it is. Aren’t I lovely/silly looking?

As I mentioned in my Reddit Rant, this idea started off as the vague notion that being a feminist doesn’t mean that you can’t be feminine. After thinking about it some more, I realized that the picture can mean so much more than I had originally anticipated.

The concept really speaks of the expectation for women to wear makeup. Moreover, it speaks of the need women feel to wear makeup. A Facebook friend posted this, and though it’s funny, it says a lot about our culture. I’m sure many women have dealt with this:

It’s sick how often women are photoshopped and adjusted. We get tricked into thinking that these perfected women define beauty. It’s a shallow, manipulated beauty, but after having these images inundate our media and everywhere we turn, there aren’t many other options.

I challenge you all to do as I did, even if you don’t want it available to the world. I do not wear makeup every day. To be honest, I don’t wear makeup all the time because I don’t want people getting used to it, and thinking I am ugly when I don’t have the energy to spend ten minutes on my eyeshadow.

However, if my readers wear makeup every day, try to make yourself up half way, and look at the difference. It’s shocking, even though you may not look that much different without it. I questioned my decision to post it online. It’s worth it. I wanted an honest picture of myself, untouched and natural, linked with my Friday Night Fierceness makeup.

What are your opinions of the media, and how beauty is perceived? Can we overcome this airbrushed ideal and just feel beautiful with a bare face and an honest smile? Comment and let me know! (Don’t leave me hanging. My picture makes me feel pretty vulnerable.)


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  1. What an awesome blog entry. I’m definitely going to do this!

    • AND. (Sorry, I am scattered today) The other day I stopped in at a BBQ after grading all day – I had texted some friends that I was coming but “refusing to do my hair or put on makeup”… why I felt like I needed to tell my friends this speaks to how strong society’s beauty hold is on me. When I got there, I peered into a room with a bunch of friends I hadn’t texted and their very first comment was “are you sick?” Sigh. No. Just not wearing my mask.

      • It’s awful. At this point, the makeup expectation has become an evil cycle. I haven’t really worn makeup every day since I was in high school. (College has made me quite the bum.) When I woke up too late to put makeup on, I felt ugly. After a few months, I decided that makeup, at least for me, is not for every day. Feeling ugly in my own skin just isn’t worth it, but it’s a hard cycle to break.

  2. I read your last post regarding the Reddit/ Feminist Makeup Rant the other day and found myself being awaken by the fact that I am even more beautiful without make up. I have been fond of wearing heavy make up before but then I got tired of applying too much and just planned to stick with the natural looking ones (sometimes, I even go out without it!:) And hey, I am proud to say I can still look good my own way (without heavy makeup of course!)

    • Thanks for the comment! It’s refreshing to hear that you are embracing your bare look. It’s great to play around with makeup, but like you said, it gets annoying. I’m lazy, and barely have time to brush my teeth in the morning. Viva la natural!


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