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Why I Love Kate Nash

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Good afternoon, readers!

If you have never heard of Kate Nash, please go here! She is tremendous. Her wit and voice make me wish I had some type of musical talent, but alas, I am stuck here writing and crying over the lack of job opportunities for me.

But enough about me, Kate Nash is an English singer-songwriter whose album “Made of Bricks” completely blew me away. After doing my star struck research, I discovered the little gem that she is an outspoken feminist!

Thanks to, I’d like to share some great quotes from one of my favorite current artists.

“When I was young I was listening to the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. I was singing ‘Independent Woman’ and ‘Survivor’, and it was all about Girl Power and being with your friends. I don’t think I was singing, ‘Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me [Pussycat Dolls lyric]?’”

“It’s really important to be a strong role model. It’s one of my main things because I feel I’ve been exposed in such an extreme way to a lot of sexism. I’ve become aware of being in a very male-dominated industry where a door opens and it’s like, ‘Oh hello, it’s 12 men and me. Again.'”

AND the kicker from Jezebel

“Yes, I’m a feminist. I think everybody should be, because feminism is about equality of the sexes, which we all believe in, don’t we?”

So perfectly summed up, Ms. Nash. It’s refreshing to find such free-thinking, independent talented women ‘making it’ in the business. I just wanted to bring Kate Nash to light, as I tire of only hearing about Alanis Morrisette and Sarah McLachlan (though they are noteworthy as well!)

Who are some of your favorite outspoken feminists, musicians or not?

P.S. For Kate Nash virgins, I suggest “Merry Happy,” “Foundations,” and “The Nicest Thing.” You’re welcome!


Beauty Redefined

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Being a feminist leads me to a lot of articles and sites involving body image and “real beauty.” Though it should be common sense that women are not all created with ‘perfect proportions,’ the media still insists that we should be. Which leads me to this..

Beauty Redefined is awesome.

“Beauty Redefined is all about rethinking our ideas of “beautiful” and “healthy” that we’ve likely learned from for-profit media that thrives off female insecurity. Girls and women who feel OK about their bodies – meaning they aren’t “disgusted” with them like more than half of women today* – take better care of themselves. With obesity and eating disorders both at epidemic levels, this point is crucial!”

We are more than numbers on a scale. We are more than foundation-wearers. We are a HELL OF A LOT more than eye candy.

Beauty Redefined suggests a few options for women AND men to try to separate from the harmful media by going on a ‘fast’ of sorts. So put down those gossip mags, don’t compare yourself to 6’0” models. Stop the negative talk!

For men, BR suggests to ditch the ‘unreal ideals’ of 36-25-36 measurements. Not all women are built this way. Don’t be critical of real-life women, criticize the media instead!

This site caters to people who are willing to accept that the ‘beauty’ crap shoved down our throats does not come close to reality. Beauty Redefined writes blog posts on pertinent topics involving unrealistic ideals of beauty, including weight. My favorite post so far is “Facts and Figures,” portraying ten girls truthfully posting their ‘stats’ and posing confidently. Confidence inspires beauty, and these girls are proud enough to be posted online- no lies, no deceit.

Check it out, and comment your thoughts!

Wisconson Planned Parenthood Bombing

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There are some things that I will never understand. Physics. Cancer. Pro-lifers using life-threatening tactics to prove that they are against what they consider murder.

UMMM, sorry. We no longer live in the times in which Hammurabi’s Code was effective. In what way does bombing make your stance educated?! An eye for an eye?

On Sunday, April 1st, pro-lifers anti-abortion activists (pro-life is probably not the right term) bombed a Wisconsin Planned Parenthood clinic. Maybe it was just an April Fool’s joke when a homemade explosive device damaged the clinic? Not likely. This type of behavior is terroristic and abhorrent.

According to this Washington Post article, there are often more attacks on Planned Parenthood when abortion is in the news. This isn’t surprising, what with the Presidential candidates’ discussions, as well as various policies coming up, involving mandatory ultrasounds before abortions. The problem is that these people think violence is okay because it goes against what they believe in. What kind of sadistic nuts think this aggressive behavior is acceptable?

I think the end quote sums it all up:

“But violence against [abortion service] providers is still something we’re very concerned about,” she said. “There are still many extremists who believe that the use of force is appropriate to intimidate abortion providers to stop providing care to women.”

There are some things I will never understand.

 “Extremists who believe that the use of force is appropriate to intimidate”

What are your thoughts, fellow feminists?

“Why I Am A Male Feminist”

I was referred to a wonderful article “Why I Am a Male Feminist”, which can be found here. The author, Byron Hurt, is speaking about his involvement in the MVP Program, or Mentors in Violence Prevention Project. While involved, he and his peers discuss what each gender does to prevent sexual assault.

Not one man, including myself, could quickly answer the question. Finally, one man raised his hand and said, “Nothing.” Then Katz asked the women, “What things do you do to protect yourself from being raped or sexually assaulted?” Nearly all of the women in the room raised their hand. One by one, each woman testified:

“I don’t make eye contact with men when I walk down the street,” said one.
“I don’t put my drink down at parties,” said another.
“I use the buddy system when I go to parties.”
“I cross the street when I see a group of guys walking in my direction.”
“I use my keys as a potential weapon.”
“I carry mace or pepper spray.”
“I watch what I wear.”

He realized that he had assumed that all feminists were white lesbians who hated men. However, after this experience, he learned that this generalization was far from the truth.

Byron Hurt is a male feminist: he respects women, and understands the Feminist plight, because, as a young boy, he saw that his father used his size and gender to intimidate his wife, Hurt’s mother.

This is a wonderful article to help understand that Feminism does not disqualify men, people of other races, ages, and sexual orientations from feminism. Feminism, at the very root, means to support women’s rights and respect women as you should respect anyone else.

Women should never have to feel that we are in danger when walking at night, wearing clothes that “ask for it”, or just being out alone. We never ask for rape or sexual assault, and it’s about time people get that through their heads and STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM.