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Personal Before and After Picture

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After the Reddit Rant I posted the other day, I decided that it was time that I finally posted my Before & After post. (It didn’t hurt that I was still annoyed that someone beat me to the idea.) Anyway, here it is. Aren’t I lovely/silly looking?

As I mentioned in my Reddit Rant, this idea started off as the vague notion that being a feminist doesn’t mean that you can’t be feminine. After thinking about it some more, I realized that the picture can mean so much more than I had originally anticipated.

The concept really speaks of the expectation for women to wear makeup. Moreover, it speaks of the need women feel to wear makeup. A Facebook friend posted this, and though it’s funny, it says a lot about our culture. I’m sure many women have dealt with this:

It’s sick how often women are photoshopped and adjusted. We get tricked into thinking that these perfected women define beauty. It’s a shallow, manipulated beauty, but after having these images inundate our media and everywhere we turn, there aren’t many other options.

I challenge you all to do as I did, even if you don’t want it available to the world. I do not wear makeup every day. To be honest, I don’t wear makeup all the time because I don’t want people getting used to it, and thinking I am ugly when I don’t have the energy to spend ten minutes on my eyeshadow.

However, if my readers wear makeup every day, try to make yourself up half way, and look at the difference. It’s shocking, even though you may not look that much different without it. I questioned my decision to post it online. It’s worth it. I wanted an honest picture of myself, untouched and natural, linked with my Friday Night Fierceness makeup.

What are your opinions of the media, and how beauty is perceived? Can we overcome this airbrushed ideal and just feel beautiful with a bare face and an honest smile? Comment and let me know! (Don’t leave me hanging. My picture makes me feel pretty vulnerable.)


Before & After Reddit/ Feminist Makeup Rant

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Last week, this photo on Reddit became the buzz of the Internet, at least in the crevices of the web that I frequent. It was posted by user “munner83” about three months ago. Though the photo had been available for a while, it resurfaced thanks to Reddit’s ability to vote up certain posts into relevance.

I found this picture intriguing, primarily because I had planned to do something similar. I don’t often wear make-up, but I would have done the following:

Half of my face would have been made up with mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and lip stick. The hair on this side of my head, my unruly curls, would be straightened and polished. Basically, my main point was going to be that being a feminist doesn’t discount femininity.

Now, on the subject, I’m not sure if this woman is a feminist or not but the truth is that this was a cool move on her part, even if I am only saying that because I wanted to do it too… Some people say that makeup is used to hide who you are. Others say makeup is to accentuate your qualities. Whatever way you may see it, make up is a HUGE business being pushed onto women. Sure, I wear my makeup sometimes, and I feel great. Most of the time, I can barely gel my frizzy hair down before leaving the house.

From the title of the post on Reddit, “The Power of Makeup,” I’d imagine that the subject of the picture (who may not be the poster) wanted the world to see what a shocking transformation makeup can have, and how deceptive it may be. (Not as deceptive as Photoshop, amiright?)

This post is a bit jumbled, as I am stuck between my original intention of femininity and feminism mixing, and the fact that I am SO impressed that there aren’t many negative posts on the picture. TBH, I think the woman is lovely either way.

Before I get further lost in my jumbled head, makeup does not define a person. Makeup is used as a tool to allow women to feel prettier, whether it be because of the beauty industry shooting its expensive products at us, or perhaps because we truly enjoy the look that makeup gives us.

As a feminist, I see nothing wrong with wearing makeup, and will wear it when I feel the time is right, or I want to cover the dark circles under my eyes after a night of partying. I think the problem is the amount of advertising and pressure put on women, saying that without makeup, we aren’t pretty, or aren’t pretty enough. I don’t like when companies, or entire industries, tell people what to look like or how to act. At all.

The advertising fools me all the time, and I have been purchasing makeup, if not experimenting with it, since I was about seven years old. I used to buy brown and orange lipsticks, and I would try to look SEXY at age seven. That sums up my feelings about the makeup industry. I was seven years old, caking on blush and lipstick, trying to look sexy.

Beauty Redefined

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Being a feminist leads me to a lot of articles and sites involving body image and “real beauty.” Though it should be common sense that women are not all created with ‘perfect proportions,’ the media still insists that we should be. Which leads me to this..

Beauty Redefined is awesome.

“Beauty Redefined is all about rethinking our ideas of “beautiful” and “healthy” that we’ve likely learned from for-profit media that thrives off female insecurity. Girls and women who feel OK about their bodies – meaning they aren’t “disgusted” with them like more than half of women today* – take better care of themselves. With obesity and eating disorders both at epidemic levels, this point is crucial!”

We are more than numbers on a scale. We are more than foundation-wearers. We are a HELL OF A LOT more than eye candy.

Beauty Redefined suggests a few options for women AND men to try to separate from the harmful media by going on a ‘fast’ of sorts. So put down those gossip mags, don’t compare yourself to 6’0” models. Stop the negative talk!

For men, BR suggests to ditch the ‘unreal ideals’ of 36-25-36 measurements. Not all women are built this way. Don’t be critical of real-life women, criticize the media instead!

This site caters to people who are willing to accept that the ‘beauty’ crap shoved down our throats does not come close to reality. Beauty Redefined writes blog posts on pertinent topics involving unrealistic ideals of beauty, including weight. My favorite post so far is “Facts and Figures,” portraying ten girls truthfully posting their ‘stats’ and posing confidently. Confidence inspires beauty, and these girls are proud enough to be posted online- no lies, no deceit.

Check it out, and comment your thoughts!