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How the heck do these things happen?

Ann Romney on Stay-at-Home Motherhood

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Oh, Ann Romney, you progressive thinker, you.

Wife of Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, has made quite a splash in the political sphere recently. At a dinner hosted by the Connecticut Republican Party, Ann Romney spoke about trials of motherhood. As a stay-at-home mother, Ann Romney is not versed in the balance between motherhood and work that many American women must get used to.

During a speech on Tuesday night, Ann said the following:

I love the fact that there are women out there who don’t have a choice and they must go to work and they still have to raise the kids. Thank goodness that we value those people too. And sometimes life isn’t easy for any of us.”

Now, this could just be chalked up to a public speaking gaffe, but I cannot condone that Ann Romney loves the fact that women don’t have a choice – this is unacceptable and embarrassing for a candidate for First Lady of this country.

ALL women have the initial choice, but choose to work because in order to support a child successfully, parents need money. Women make the choice to better their lives and the lives of their children.

This being said, I am all for choice. If a family comes to the agreement together that one of them should stay home full time, and it happens to be a woman, there is no objection from me.

What do you all think? Have people been overreacting to the quote, or do you believe this was more than a gaffe? Reply in the comments!


New Arizona Abortion Laws

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have just entered The Twilight Zone.

Jan Brewer, my one true love.

I am not sure how such a ridiculous bill passing escaped me for the past two weeks. (I blame school work.) In Arizona, a bill has been passed by the Senate that redefines when a woman becomes pregnant.

Often, to gauge gestational age of a fetus, doctors will use the date of the last menstruation of the woman. Arizona lawmakers have taken this one step further by using this information to draw new cutoffs for abortions.

From The Huffington Post’s Arizona Abortion Bill: Legislators Pass Three Bills, Including One That Redefines When Life Begins

State Rep. Matt Heinz (D-Tucson), a physician, said he did not want the state to set the gestational age since science could not provide a precise one. “I imagine it will be a legal dispute. How can a judge determine gestational age?” Heinz said. “If medical science can only determine gestational age to within 10-14 days, how can a superior court judge do it?”

Pretty much, the bill condones the use of the inexact “science”  of conception to abortion laws. For all intents and purposes, let’s assume I’m fertile. Okay, so by Arizona logic, even if I am menstruating, I am theoretically pregnant. There is a two week discrepancy that cannot and will not be accounted for in Arizona since the bill has been signed into law. Pregnancy now begins when a woman ovulates. I guess I have been pregnant for ten years now. Maybe I should call up TLC and ask them to do a special on me.

The other two bills?

– Protection against being sued for doctor’s who withhold medical information from the patient if the doctor feels that the woman may be thinking about abortion.

– The amount of weeks available for a legal abortion has dropped to 18 weeks.

Arizona really struck out on this one. What are your thoughts?

Wisconson Planned Parenthood Bombing

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There are some things that I will never understand. Physics. Cancer. Pro-lifers using life-threatening tactics to prove that they are against what they consider murder.

UMMM, sorry. We no longer live in the times in which Hammurabi’s Code was effective. In what way does bombing make your stance educated?! An eye for an eye?

On Sunday, April 1st, pro-lifers anti-abortion activists (pro-life is probably not the right term) bombed a Wisconsin Planned Parenthood clinic. Maybe it was just an April Fool’s joke when a homemade explosive device damaged the clinic? Not likely. This type of behavior is terroristic and abhorrent.

According to this Washington Post article, there are often more attacks on Planned Parenthood when abortion is in the news. This isn’t surprising, what with the Presidential candidates’ discussions, as well as various policies coming up, involving mandatory ultrasounds before abortions. The problem is that these people think violence is okay because it goes against what they believe in. What kind of sadistic nuts think this aggressive behavior is acceptable?

I think the end quote sums it all up:

“But violence against [abortion service] providers is still something we’re very concerned about,” she said. “There are still many extremists who believe that the use of force is appropriate to intimidate abortion providers to stop providing care to women.”

There are some things I will never understand.

 “Extremists who believe that the use of force is appropriate to intimidate”

What are your thoughts, fellow feminists?

Reproductive Issues vs. The GOP

There are some terrifying threats to reproductive freedom flying around as of late. Now, this blog isn’t to batter people with my political views, but something has to be said about the GOP views of women’s rights and reproductive issues.

Rick Santorum on the topic of rape, and in turn, pregnancy.Image

“As horrible as the way that that son or daughter and son was created, it still is her child. And whether she has that child or doesn’t, it will always be her child. And she will always know that –in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you.”

What is the world?! A woman is raped, and Santorum believes that she should not have the right to choose an abortion, to carry the child which was forced on her by a violent criminal. Instead, it’s a GIFT from GOD. (Whatever happened to separation of church and state?)


Ron Paul on rape and possible pregnancy.


“If it’s an honest rape, that individual should go immediately to the emergency room, I would give them a shot of estrogen.”

Yeah, an honest rape. The juxtaposition of those words makes me ill. If a woman is raped, she can get the Plan B Pill this time. He believes that if you are raped, you should just get the morning after pill. Forget about going to a clinic in a month after rape. Sorry ladies, you missed your chance. Try being honest.


Never mind the fact that some unplanned pregnancies could be avoided if birth control pills could be covered by insurance. However, people are fighting tooth and nail to allow employers to deny the right to birth control pill coverage. Isn’t it interesting that all of these people are men, who will never have to worry about becoming pregnant.



WTF Chris Brown

Not to beat a dead horse here (unfortunate phrasing), but WTF is with all of those Chris Brown tweets one week ago during the Grammy’s? I can understand the plight of some of the women after their Twitter names were plastered all over the internet, as they claimed it was just a joke. HOWEVER, domestic abuse is not a joke.

Treating a woman, treating ANYONE with such force is sickening. The details of the attack are available on the web. They include biting, punching, slamming her head against the car door repeatedly. This is not something to joke about.

After talking to peers about it, I got responses that ran the gamut, but nothing even suggesting that they would let Chris Brown beat them, or even that what he did wasn’t wrong.

-If Rihanna forgave him, why can’t everyone else? [No one who attacked someone so viciously should escape being demonized, IMO.]

-I can’t believe that he won a Grammy. [Me either. I understand that the guy wants to move on from his past and continue his music career, but a mere two years ago, he brutally beat his girlfriend.]

Personally, I think it’s horrible. According to what I have seen, many others do as well. I feel bad for the girls who tweeted the awful remarks, only because I will not encourage cyberbullying. However, I truly hope these girls understand the severity of their “jokes.”

**Unrelated: I am 22 years old, and know who Paul McCartney is. I love The Beatles. How can people not know him?! Last Sunday was a shameful night for Twitter, that’s for sure.