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New Arizona Abortion Laws

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have just entered The Twilight Zone.

Jan Brewer, my one true love.

I am not sure how such a ridiculous bill passing escaped me for the past two weeks. (I blame school work.) In Arizona, a bill has been passed by the Senate that redefines when a woman becomes pregnant.

Often, to gauge gestational age of a fetus, doctors will use the date of the last menstruation of the woman. Arizona lawmakers have taken this one step further by using this information to draw new cutoffs for abortions.

From The Huffington Post’s Arizona Abortion Bill: Legislators Pass Three Bills, Including One That Redefines When Life Begins

State Rep. Matt Heinz (D-Tucson), a physician, said he did not want the state to set the gestational age since science could not provide a precise one. “I imagine it will be a legal dispute. How can a judge determine gestational age?” Heinz said. “If medical science can only determine gestational age to within 10-14 days, how can a superior court judge do it?”

Pretty much, the bill condones the use of the inexact “science”  of conception to abortion laws. For all intents and purposes, let’s assume I’m fertile. Okay, so by Arizona logic, even if I am menstruating, I am theoretically pregnant. There is a two week discrepancy that cannot and will not be accounted for in Arizona since the bill has been signed into law. Pregnancy now begins when a woman ovulates. I guess I have been pregnant for ten years now. Maybe I should call up TLC and ask them to do a special on me.

The other two bills?

– Protection against being sued for doctor’s who withhold medical information from the patient if the doctor feels that the woman may be thinking about abortion.

– The amount of weeks available for a legal abortion has dropped to 18 weeks.

Arizona really struck out on this one. What are your thoughts?